I work with startups and product teams navigating a paradigm shift.

Who I work with

I typically work with early or growth stage startups who have found product market fit, but are pursuing something new.

How it works

Every project is different, but most will involve some combination of analysis, sharpening, and alignment.


First, I look at every corner of your business to understand your specific challenges and opportunities. This includes user research, data, past positioning and business models, win/loss assessments, etc.


Together, we then apply time-tested strategic frameworks to our options to create clarity on what to do next. This applies to product prioritization but also decisions on positioning, pricing, bundling, and tiering. We will find the sweet spot between growth and profitability.


None of this matters if your team is not on the same page. Strategic shifts in the business create stress on your existing teams; we can then invest in storytelling, coaching, and communication to accelerate change.
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I also offer these services

Advisory for pre-seed startups

I advise very early companies who are en route to product market fit. I help founders make crisp decisions and reduce thrash.

Coaching for new heads of product

I work with people who are new to the head of product role. Having a coach and buddy in those critical first months can make all the difference.

Strategic planning for nonprofits

I help nonprofits create the strategic plan they need for a major program or geographic expansion.

Growth frameworks for breakaway results

I am a change specialist with experience in product and strategy that I'm eager to share with you.

User-centered positioning

We will use user research, data, and market benchmarks to find the right pricing and bundling for your offering.

Crisp decision making

Bold prioritization starts at your mission and strategy, enhanced by a deep understanding of your customer.

Team alignment

Strategic shifts mean your team needs to come together in ways that resemble the earliest of startup days. We will rekindle that magic together.

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I am industry agnostic with experience in:

  • Creators
  • Media
  • E-commerce‍
  • Climatetech
  • Marketplaces
  • Subscription
  • Mobile apps

My expert collective

I have built a trusted network of consultants, coaches, and execs I love to work with to get comprehensive results.

Bene Cipolla
Organizational consultant

Works primarily with news orgs, media companies, and nonprofits

Alefiya Dhilla
Growth and marketing

Previously at Amazon, Indeed, with focus on GTM, marketing, analytics

Brand design agency

A brand design firm focused on startups. Founded by Paul Gonzalez

Connie Cheng
Product designer

Peloton, Rent the Runway, Howl; Owner of corgithings.com

Lisa Scott
Nonprofit fundraising

Via TGP Consulting, focused on transformational major gifts

Pam Sterling
Executive coach

Industry-agnostic coach who will work with you on the trickiest issues

Jonathan Lyons
Climate tech consulting

Identifying and solving strategic gaps in the climate tech ecocystem

Grey Horse
PR and communications

A full-service communciations firm founded by Kate Gardiner

Run with Ostrich
Video ad agency

A production company specializing in short-form, UGC-style video

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